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Card Magic Tricks for Beginners

Beginners to the realm of magic tricks should learn some card tricks to get going. There are some tricks you can learn to perform within minutes. Read carefully the tricks explained below for amusing
your friends, and if you really enjoy it, making a career as a magician can be very rewarding.

Magic card trick
1.    Take all four Queens and place them on top of your deck. Although this trick can be performed with Aces too, four Queens makes for variety.
2.    Give the deck to one of the spectators and ask him to cut it into four equal piles. You need to keep your eye on the pile that contains the Queens. This would be the last pile on either end of the piles.
3.    Say out aloud, “Let us give each of the piles a name. Say, A, B, C, D?” Say this while pointing to each of the piles signifying its naming. You should ensure that pile D is the last one named by you.
4.    Ask your spectator to pick pile (named A) and place three cards from it onto the table where it is kept. Next, ask them to deal next three cards, one after another from each of the other piles in a random order.
5.    After this is done, ask the spectator to put the pile back on top of the cards dealt by him. This should be followed for all the piles, i.e. A, B, C and D. Make sure that the first three cards are dealt before the circulation of next three.
6.    After he is done with this, there will be a Queen on the top of each pile. You should deliver a speech on how you always manage to get Queens on top or how your belief in Women’s Lib makes the “Queens” come on top. Now, when you turn up the first card of each pile, Voila! They will all be Queens.

There are many simple magic card tricks for you to learn as a beginner. The one explained is one of the simpler ones. You may also want to try some simple props and tricks. If you are really into magic tricks, it would be advisable to get the equipment from a good online store. If you can get some affordable books and props for your magical affliction, it would be just the kind of setting you need for becoming a magician.

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