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Learning magic tricks from books and lessons

The Magic Circle, clandestine as it may sound the purpose of this organization somewhat matches this awe-inspiring name. This is the organization of magicians all over the world and it binds its members in an oath of secrecy. Any of its member found breaching this promise is expelled from the group. It takes the magicians’ years of practice to develop the skills of enchanting the viewers. The aura of secrecy is important to attract sincere students towards the world of magic. In order to learn magic tricks, a magic store that can provide you with the essential props and equipment is necessary. 

Books you can read for learning magic

Books can help you learn magic the best. Look for some books on the subject at a reliable online magic store, your local library or a book shop. The book for teaching magic to beginners with teach you many tricks and also reveal to you the kinds of magic genres available to you. You might take a fancy to the psychological style of magic as perfected by the likes of Derren Brown, or become interested in close-up magic for which the likes of David Blaine have become popular. Even if you simply want to perform at children’s parties, these books are needed. 

Taking magic lessons

Look out for lessons in magic in your area. There are some local councils which provide magic lessons as a part of higher learning courses. If you want to gain expertise, the Davenports of London, oldest family run magic business of the world may just be what you are looking for.

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