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Learning the nuances of tarantula magic trick and charming friends and family

Those who are new to the tarantula magic trick, it is a wonderful trick that makes the onlooker wonder how did the trick take place. In this magic trick an object is made to appear as if it is making moves on its own, without any aid or support behind its movement. Those who love to captivate the crowd with mesmerizing magic tricks can learn step by step magic tricks and establish themselves as a ‘budding magician within their social circle. So here we go

Before we start learning tarantula magic trick, it is important to understand that it would require lots of preparations at the back end. To begin with make an arrangement of following things that would be required to showcase step by step magic tricks.

•One clear spool that is used in a fishing line
•A box of wax used for making statues
•A pair of scissors

To begin with, roll small amount of wax between your fingers in ball shape. After kneading the wall smoothly, flatten it and apply it evenly on one end of the fishing line. Smooth the wax on the spool end of the line using deft movement of your hands and fingers. Measure 10 feet from the spool end of the fishing line and cut it from there with a sharp scissor. Take out the spool and keep it aside. Now carefully insert the loose end of the fishing rod within the arm of shirt until it comfortably reaches your shoulder. Now adjust the rod vertically inside your shirt and trousers.  Insert the fishing rod inside the leg of your trouser and eliminate its bottom end carefully. Tape-up the fishing rod to the lower side of shoe and fixate it with a firm tape. The excess portion of the fishing line should be cut. Now take your stand in the rear of a card table and face the audience confidently. Take a deck of cards and shuffle it deftly. As someone from the audience to say ‘Stop’ and you stop shuffling that very moment.

Show the top most card to the onlookers. Now, without making it obvious to the audience, rub the wax smeared on your hand on the card that has been shown to the audience. After this return back that card to the deck. Now put down the deck on the table and mockingly wave your hand above the card deck. Simultaneously, pull your foot on which the fishing rod has been taped up running to your shoe. Now apply soft pull to the rod until the designated card comes out of the deck lying on the table. Now hold the card in your hand and show it to the amazed gathering. Tactfully remove the wax from the card and allow someone from the audience to hold in their hand. After learning best magic tricks, its time you perform and be known as an expert practitioner of tarantula magic trick.

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