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How to do easy magic card tricks?

Here two easy magic card tricks are being shared with you so that you can show them to your family, friends and any strangers even. To know few magic card tricks or other sorts of magic tricks could be a good means to introduce with new persons and to make some fun with your friends. The speciality about these easy magic tricks is that in spite of being very easy to perform them, they could be surprising to those who are watching. These two easy magic tricks are reverse card trick and the disappearing coin trick.

The first of the easy magic tricks is the vanishing coin. All you will have to perform is to take your position on the one side of a table and on the other side spectators would take their respective positions. Thereafter you will have to take few coins and keep them one after another before each spectator. Then you will have to create some disbelief amongst the minds of spectators by uttering something like ‘I am eager to know whether this will work or not’ Then you will have to place your right hand on the coin and grip it with the help of three fingers and simultaneously pull the same into your direction across the table. Both your arm and hand has to be aligning with the table. When the coin comes at the edge of the table, you will have to drop the same on your legs avoiding the eyes of the spectators. You will have to pretend that you have picked the coin up from the table and raise your hand slowly to come into the view of the spectators.

To teach effectively at a Sunday school is a tedious job. Luckily there are number of Christian magic tricks which could be utilized to express biblical teachings. Teaching in such manner would help to consider lessons memorable and fun for students, and would permit the things to take into the mind in a better way.

While exhibiting Christian magic tricks you would need a simple bill of one dollar. Then you will have to make a vertical fold on each side of the mouth of George Washington. On majority bills of dollar this fold would pass through the centre position of the eyes. You will have to curve the area then between the folds in order to turn it recessed. If you roll the bill in upward direction George Washing would look like smiling, and if you roll the bill in downward direction he would look to be grimacing

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