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Why to Perform Coin Magic

Coin and money magic has a love hate relationship. Some magicians love performing coin and money magic; in fact they are addicted to it. They can perform this magic trick anytime, anywhere. Other magicians hate coin magic trick. They believe that the trick is cliche and boring. This may be due to the fact that they have not come across well executed coin tricks.

If you too fall in the latter category, you may require serious rethinking. Magic with money and coins is immensely popular. Amateur magicians are even found doing the rounds of a famous magic store to buy coin DVDs and books. Following are some of the vital reasons why you should also include coin magic tricks in your routines.

•Performing coin magic is one of the best ways to enhance the dexterity of your hand. The different weights and sizes of the coins will add to your sleight that is required to properly execute hundreds of other magic tricks.

•The mechanics of coin magic is so easy that you will find your misdirected skills really improving.

•No matter how good the magician is, a card trick does not look “impromptu”. Normally, who carries a deck of card around in their trouser pocket? But all definitely have coins in their pocket. So, when you will spontaneous perform a magic with coin, it will add the “wow” factor and your audiences will applause your performance.

•To immediately capture the attention of your audience, you can even borrow money or coin from someone; it will immediately make them stand in attention and focus on your trick.

•If you are an amateur magician, you may not know the feeling of performing on the big stage much until latter. So, at your level, carrying a coin around will be easy to impromptu perform the trick in a restaurant, bar, family gathering or anywhere you want!

•Coin tricks are loved by people of all ages and you can perform it in different venues.

•The tricks can be easily learned through buying coin DVDs and books from a reputed magic shop.

•And finally, coin tricks have a psychological effect on people. Perhaps, it is the attachment of people with money that makes them crazy about coin magic. Or the surprise which they feel when the coin disappears and the relief when it reappears. The reasons can be many, but the truth is that people simple love it. So, perform the tricks and become the center of attention in parties, functions, events, simply anywhere!

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