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Perform Flawless Coin Magic Tricks to Give Splendid Surprises to Your Audience

Since childhood, street magic had always been an alluring and fascinating experience for most of us. What attract greatly towards these magic tricks are their hidden artifices that one could learn by making few efforts. YES… You can also be a magician. You can impress people and make them happy by showing simple yet unique magic card tricks and coin magic tricks.

Learning few easy-going magical tricks with coins and cards will allow you to grab attention of viewers and would make you a skilled magician. And of course, practicing card and coin magic tricks will allow you to polish your skills. On your part, it will be fun to watch expressions of your audiences and answer their questions saying “How can you do such amazing tricks?” and “Can you teach me?”

However, many of the street magicians never share the secret of their magic tricks; so it’s totally up to you whether you want to involve your viewers in your newly discovered magnificent magical tricks or not!

Go through the trick and perform it in your magic shows. I am sure this is gonna help you in some way.

Magic coin trick

What will you need? You will require a coin and a square shaped cloth piece.

What are the steps involved in the coin magic tricks? Learn one of them.

Imagine these steps and practice them as well… To begin with show coin to the viewers and place it on the 6 inches high puffed leg. Hold it right there with right hand thumb. In the next step, touch the cloth with the bottom portion of the coin such that the opposite side of the coin turns upwards. And immediately hide it. Then left forefinger is placed on top of folds of the cloth piece. Keep all the fingers of your right hand straighten up. Meanwhile make sure that the right thumb withdraws the coin smartly from the folds of cloth. This must be done so shortly that no one makes notice. Press it in the right finger palm.

Now move your right hand instantly to grasp the cloth in between the folds. Slowly and steadily in a dramatic way pull it by encircling with your forefinger and thumb. In this way, you will be able to convince your viewers that the coin is no more with you.

In the end, take your left hand to slap the left leg. This is how your right hand will perfectly reach where the coin is hold i.e. under your leg. Show the coin to the viewers and enjoy their amazed expressions. 

Remember the complete trick must go fast without any flaws. This will give the utmost joy to the audience.

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